At DALLOYAU, values are passed down from generation to generation which is one of the company’s singularities: a family business from the very beginning, DALLOYAU has preserved its lively spirit. 

Ever since the sumptuous celebrations and banquets orchestrated by Louis XIV, DALLOYAU has used talent and experience going back over 300 years to create pastries, chocolates and cooked dishes.

From the famous macaroons to the mythical Opéra, all the recipes, ranging from timeless favourites to revisited classics, inspired by creative boldness or familiar, comforting tastes, are dreamed up and produced each day by the DALLOYAU chefs using the precious skills of their art, as the worthy inheritors of this royal gastronomic legacy.

DALLOYAU gathers in a same house all the talents related to taste and to the art of etiquette: cooks, pastry cooks, chocolate makers, confectioners, ice-cream makers and bakers, and also a department in charge of organizing receptions for professionals and individuals, as well as an offer of meal-trays and gift boxes. This combination, unique in France, guarantees excellence and creativity, which have been the values of the company since its origins.

Each day of the year DALLOYAU welcomes you in its restaurants, tea rooms, shops, and organizes all over France and in the world receptions and events.
More  than 30 stores and corners established in France and around the world to serve you and welcome you.

Since always, DALLOYAU has been as much taste as a lot of novelties!

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